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renewing your paraguayan passport

Documentation and requirements.

For passport renewals please submit the following documentation:

  1. Copy of Identity Card (front and back).

  2. Passport photos (size 5 x 5 cm) with WHITE background.

  3. Copy of documentation proving the residence address in Australia or New Zealand. For example: driver's license, rental agreement or similar.

  4. Passport Renewal Request Form, SIGNED and with complete personal data (it can be downloaded from the Embassy's website by clicking on the arrow or the passport).

  5. Passport (must be sent physically to the embassy).

  6. In the case of minors: minors' birth certificates, parents' signatures on the passport renewal form, and parents' identification documents are required.

  7. Bank receipt for the payment of the passport renewal fee (If you can only make cash payments please contact our consular representative). 

  8. Two (2) prepaid mail envelopes with the user's address.

Consular fee payment.

The consular fee established for the renewal of passports is US $ 55 (fifty-five American dollars) per person. The Embassy of Paraguay in Australia only operates with United States Dollars (USD). Due to ministerial requirements, we do not accept any other Foreign Currency. The payment methods are:

  • International Money Transfers (Please note, the Embassy must receive the exact -full- payment before proceeding, no fees shall be discounted from the transaction).

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (Please note, the Embassy must receive the exact -full- payment before proceeding, no fees shall be discounted from this transaction).

Account details.

Embassy of Paraguay in Australia

BSB: 062000

Account Number: 15699746

Commonwealth Bank

Sending your documentation.
All the requested documentation must be sent WITH A TRACKING NUMBER, including two pre-paid envelopes inside the parcel, to the address of the Embassy:


Level 2, Suite 2.01, 26 Brisbane Avenue
Barton, Canberra
ACT, 2600


It is recommended as a security measure to hire services with delivery in-hand or signature-delivery. The Embassy does not take responsibility for the damage or mishandling of correspondence by couriers.

Approximate duration of the process

The entire process until completion lasts approximately 45 days, from the receipt of the documentation to the final referral to the user.

Additional information

Citizens or residents of New Zealand must assume eventual additional shipping costs for the payment of the service and may incur in additional expenses for their International Money Transfer (Banking Commission or Administrative Expenses must be paid in advanced). In addition, they will have to hire the services of a company to collect the documentation from Canberra.

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