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Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States are exempt from the requirement of a visa for entry into Paraguay. They can stay in the country for up to 90 days as tourists as per Law N° 6790/2021.

Please note that you will only need to present your passport to immigration authorities at the border for entry.

Important: The visa fee and requirement continue to apply for other types of visas (such as business, technical research, or residency), as well as for citizens of other countries.


For citizens from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan (China), visas upon arrival are available at Silvio Pettirossi Airport in Paraguay. These are recommended in emergencies or when obtaining travel documents before departure is not possible. However, we advise having all documents ready before leaving your home country.

Visa costs vary by country:

United States: USD $160.00*
Canada: USD $150.00*
New Zealand: USD $140.00*
Australia: USD $135.00*
Taiwan (China): USD $100.00
Other Countries: USD $100.00 (exceptions may apply, please contact the consulate if in doubt)

*A temporary waiver applies to qualifying applicants. Please read this guide carefully.

Only citizens from the countries listed above can get Arrival Visas. Citizens from other countries should apply in person for the relevant visa at their nearest consulate or embassy.

Non-Resident Visa Requirements for Australian and New Zealand Citizens

To obtain a Non-Resident Visa, please send the following documentation to our embassy via Registered Mail or present it during a consular interview:

  • Passport (valid for at least six months from departure date)

  • Completed and signed Non-Resident Visa Form

  • Two recent passport-sized photos (5cm x 5cm) with a white background

  • Flight itinerary

  • Proof of visa payment (see details below)

Non-Resident Visa Fee:

  • Australian Citizen (adults or minors): USD $135.00*

  • New Zealand Citizen (adults or minors): USD $140.00*

*A temporary waiver applies to qualifying applicants. Please read this guide carefully.


Please note, our Consular Section only accepts payments in US Dollars (USD) and only through electronic payment methods. We do not accept any other currencies or cash payments.

To avoid unnecessary delays, ensure all transaction-related fees are paid in advance. We do not accept checks or postal orders.

Account details for the embassy are as follows:

  • Account Name: Embassy of Paraguay in Australia

  • Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

  • State Bank Branch (BSB): 062000

  • Number: 15699746

  • Currency: US Dollar (USD)


Ensure all fees are paid in advance, and that no amount is deducted from the transfer of your visa fee. We will only process your visa once we receive the full payment.

Visa processing time is approximately one week, but may take up to a month depending on the country nationality.

Visas issued at the embassy are valid for six months from the date of issuance, which means applicants have six months to enter Paraguay. Once the person enters Paraguay, the specified duration in days or expiration date on the visa document will apply.

Upon arrival in Paraguay, Australian and New Zealand citizens are granted multiple 90-day stays, valid until the expiration of their passport.

Non-Resident Visa Requirements for Non-Australian or Non-New Zealand Citizens:

The same requirements for Australian or New Zealand citizens apply. Additionally, proof of legal residency status in Australia or New Zealand must be provided.

The cost for citizens not specified in this list is USD $100.00 (exceptions may apply, please contact the consulate if in doubt).

Additional documentation may be required depending on individual circumstances. The issuance of the visa can take between 5 and 30 days. Please note that payment of the visa fee does not guarantee the issuance of the visa.

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