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bilateral relations

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Paraguay has positive relations with Australia, and a growing engagement in commerce and tourism. The official relations have grown since their beginning in 1974, but have existed in earlier manifestations. For instance, Dame Mary Jean Gilmore, the prolific Australian writer present in the 10 Australian Dollar note, was part of a crew of travellers who formed the "New Australia" colony on 1893. Australia opened a Consulate headed by an Honorary Consul in Asunción in January 2011, and Paraguay established a Consulate in Sydney on 2007, which shortly moved to Melbourne, and lastly opened an Embassy in Canberra in September 2011.



There is potential for increasing engagement in agricultural business, advancing negotiations for the implementation of tourism agreements, and cooperating in mining, education, and industrial knowledge exchange, among other areas.


Foreign relations

Paraguay is a member of the Cairns Group, which was chaired by Australia in June 1997.

Fast facts

  • Paraguayan visitors to Australia (2017) – 300

  • Australian visitors to Paraguay (primary destination 2017)* – 100

  • Resident Australian population born in Paraguay (2016) – 400

  • Australian residents of Paraguayan descent (2016) – 400

  • Paraguay students in Australia (2017) – 80

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